Fanfiction Recs. Of Chipped Mugs and Weathered Tables by storyofeden. Severus Snape X Hermione Granger X Lucius Malfoy. Word Count: 15,350. Summary: He sat at the table in the back corner of the cafe in a remarkably uncomfortable seat. He could cast a cushioning charm, but she swore that would ruin the ambiance.. "/>Severus is james mate fanfiction

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[Request] LF a fic where James doesn't save Severus, meaning Remus bites Severus. Request. Please, please, please let it be completed. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. ... /AU/ The Prank goes badly wrong. A friend in need is a friend indeed. /Severus/Lily eventually/ Site: [].

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"When a vampire meets his or her mate they get an overwhelming urge to complete the bond through a sexual need. If the mate is younger than fifteen then the urge will be dampened until they come to that age." Harry's face went slack as he began to realise what was going on. "Yes potter.".

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